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The topic is called “The Large Munsterlander in No-Hunter-Hands”. The language of this site is German. I hope you are still going to enjoy the pictures on this site!

Some parts are available in English, too:

-         The following attitude of me about the Large Munsterlander in No-Hunter-Hands

-         Anti-Hunting-Training based on positive reinforcement

-         LM-contacts

-         LM-pictures


My attitude


In general I have the opinion that every LM (and other Hunting dogs from work lines) has to be in the hands of a hunter. There is no way to do justice to the zeal of a LM or to find an adequate replacement for its hunting instincts.

But there are breedings, which give the LM in No-Hunter-Hands or there are older LM, who are pushed away because of any reasons (i.e. unfitness in hunting). These dogs live in No-Hunter-Hands and some owners do still not know what kind of breed they own!

My intention is to inform the No-Hunter about the LM, its character, its advantages and disadvantages etc.


Regards from Germany,


Pia C. Gröning